Semi Dry Wines

Semi dry wines refer to varietals that are mildly sweet in flavor. We offer a selection of 4 semi-dry wines:

Vin Rose

Our Vin Rose is pink in color, slightly sweet with a delicate bouquet of fresh berries with just a touch of apple and citrus.

Available in 750ml and 4L.

Haut Sauterne

Our Haut Sauterne is pale gold in color, delivers a hint of apricots and honey with a light nutty finish. The wine is delightful with a slightly sweet finish.

Available in 750 ml.


Our Chablis is pale straw in color, light bodied with a delicate bouquet of honeyed peach and a slightly tart finish.

Available in 750 ml.


Our Burgundy is a medium bodied red wine, carries a cedary vanilla overlay to the ripe currant and plum flavors. It is light on tannins and has a smooth finish.

Available in 750 ml.

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