Light Sweet Wines

We offer a selection of 4 light sweet wines:


Our Rosato is one of our most popular wines. It is delicate, sweet and pink in color. Cribari Rosato is a fine choice for the Holy Sacrifice, especially for Communion under both species.

Available in 750ml and 4L.

White Rosato

Our White Rosato follows the same concept of our distinguished Rosato but is straw in color. This wine is lightly sweet with hints of pears, apples, and Vanilla.

Available in 750 ml.

Light Muscat

The Light Muscat is light amber in color with a delightful Muscat bouquet.

Available in 750 ml.

Light Red

Dark pink in color, our Light Red carries silky tannins with fruit forward flavor. Light Red is not quite as sweet as Rosato.

Available in 750 ml and 4L

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