Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sizes do you carry?
A: We have both 750ml and 4L products.

Q: How many bottles are in each case of 750ml?
A: There are 12/750ml bottles per case.

Q: How many jugs come in each case of 4L?
A: There are 4/4L jugs in each case of 4L.

Q: What makes Cribari Altar Wine different from regular wine that can be bought in a liquor store?
A: All of our Altar Wines are a pure grape product of which 100% of the grapes used are grown in California. Our products “are not” derived from raisins, dried grapes, dried berries, or other dried fruit, nor imitation or substandard wine. We “do not” use the process of “amelioration” which is defined as the addition of up to 35% additional sugar and water to the juice prior to fermentation. This is a common process in other States and/or regions other than California and is acceptable by the Federal Government but does not qualify as a valid Altar Wine. We only use distilled “grape” spirits (alcohol) to fortify our 18% Golden Angelica, Muscatel, Port and Tokay.

Since 1917, the Cribari Family has been recognized as a leader in providing California Sacramental Wines to the reverend clergy worldwide, ensuring you are using wine that is suitable for the high purpose for which it is intended.

Q: I am a consumer not affiliated with a church. Can I purchase Cribari Altar Wine for my own consumption?
A: No, our wines can only be sold to Churches and clergy.

Q: I would like to purchase wine for our church. Can I buy from you direct?
A: No, we have a longstanding valued distribution network that can service your needs locally. Please contact us at 559-277-9000 for a distributor near you.

Q: Do the wines contain Sulfites?
A: Yes, sulfites are naturally occurring in wine and additional sulfites are added to maintain stability and shelf life of the wine.

Q: Are the wines considered Gluten free?
A: Yes they are.

Q: How should my wine be stored?
A: Store your Cribari Altar wine in a cool, dry location away from direct light.